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Dr. Naomi Wolf: What is a Culture?

Is Cynical Mass Illegal Immigration Being Deployed Against Our National US Culture? These days, I dread, under certain circumstances, getting into New York City taxis. Cultures around the world vary of course. (That should not be a taboo sentence.) And there are some cultures in this world in which women […]

E14S2: “‘Killa City’ Shooting, Media Patterns, Smurfing!”

JJ Carrell and Brian O’Shea analyze the Kansas City shooting, and how it was covered. O’Shea reviews the related media coverage and a fraud mechanism known as “smurfing.” Please Support Our Sponsors The Wellness Company: Use code UNRESTRICTED for 10% off! Heaven’s Harvest: Use code UNRESTRICTED CHARLIS: Use code UNRESTRICTED for […]

“The Culture War Rages On as We Fight for COVID Truth in 2024!”

Meet Brad Skistimas of Five Times August. Skistimas is a musician who wrote the protest anthems that defined the Medical Freedom Movement, and he’s just getting started! Don’t miss this latest episode of “Did She REALLY Say That?” Please Support Our Sponsors The Wellness Company: Use code SHANNON for 10% […]

“NEW Pfizer/Moderna Reports, Trending Headlines, and Sneaky ‘Green’ Ideas That Could Enslave Humanity”

In case you missed them, two new Pfizer/Moderna Investigation Reports have been published on DailyClout. Plus, FDA approves RSV vaccine for pregnant women, American Red Cross gives an update on mRNA-vaccinated versus unvaccinated blood donations and the COVID injection questionnaire, Alabama rules that embryos are human beings, and […]

Microbiologist/Tea Maker: “Star Anise! Antioxidant, Anti-Herpes, Anti-Inflammatory”

Microbiologist Plamena Dimitrov reveals the incredible health properties of Star Anise, a “star” ingredient that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Plamena Dimitrov is a scientist and holds a master’s degree in microbiology, a second master’s degree in environmental biotechnology, and a PhD in microbiology and […]

“I.C.E Confirms a Terrorist Lived in the U.S. for Months”

On this episode of The Breanna Morello Show, exclusive coverage of the I.C.E confirming that a terrorist lived in the US for months; illegals beat up NYPD officers and then fled to California, and Jennifer Van Laar describes how RNC spent more donors’ money on floral arrangements than voter file […]

“How to Heat Your Home the Old-Fashioned Way”

Kate Hildreth is back on Homestead Revival to share her new system of heating her house using cedar and a wood-burning stove. In the event of lost electricity, having a backup heat source is important. Please Support Our Sponsors The Wellness Company: Use code KATE for 10% off! CHARLIS Skincare: […]

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V-Safe Voices: Tachycardia Post-COVID Vaccination

DailyClout Introduces a New Series: “V-Safe Voices” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) uses V-safe to monitor vaccine safety. After signing up, V-safe participants share, through an app, with the CDC how they or their dependent(s) feel after getting a participating vaccine, including the COVID-19 vaccines. The app presents […]

Maine Democrats BLOCK Clean Elections Bill!

Maine Republican State Representative Heidi Sampson explains her efforts to bring the non-partisan Clean Elections Model Bill, written by Dr. Naomi Wolf of DailyClout and Phill Kline of American Voters’ Alliance, to Maine’s Legislative Council. Representative Sampson reveals how Maine’s Democrats blocked the non-partisan Clean Elections Bill in a 6-4 […]

Election Transparency, Accountability, and Inclusion Act: Model Law – DailyClout and American Voters’ Alliance

Note: Most legislators’ websites do not allow documents to be attached to messages. You will likely need to call your legislators’ office and request email addresses to which you can send the model bill. You can look up your legislators’ office phone numbers and physical addresses here. SECTION 1 – […]

“Lead me in your truth”- An interview with Sasha Latypova

Sasha Latypova holds a graduate degree in business from Dartmouth College and is a retired pharmaceutical industry, research and development executive with 25 years of experience in conducting clinical trials. In this episode, we discuss the following: – Sasha did not work for a pharmaceutical company, she contracted to pharma […]


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FDA Approves First Vaccine for Pregnant Women to Prevent RSV in Infants Six Months Old and Younger

Remember just a few short years ago when Americans were told that pregnant women should take as few medications as possible? On August 21, 2023, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) vaccine, Pfizer’s Abrysvo, for use in pregnant women at 32- to […]

A Resolution of Concerned Citizens of Sheridan County, Wyoming

Dear Naomi,  We very much appreciate you being here in our Wyoming State Capital with State Senators Tim Salazar and Bo Biteman.   Your elections template will provide Wyoming Legislators with sensible legislation that will restore election integrity to our State.   You will see in our Title 22 statutes that we […]

ICAN Uncovers A Potential Next-Level Threat: “Inhalable” Self-Spreading Vaccines That Spread Like A Virus

A new class of “encrypted RNA” vaccines are being developed where the RNA would piggyback onto an existing wild virus and spread from person to person without any person’s knowledge or consent. Although this may sound like science fiction, it is far from it. Two companies involved in this research […]

BREAKING: This interview with Julian Assange’s Former PR Representative Richard Hillgrove Has Gone Missing From Our Rumble Livestream

WARRIOR CREED Podcast At the top of this Newszine, Resistance Radio presents our WARRIOR CREED podcast from yesterday Tuesday 21st February 2024, with a transcript provided: Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Awaits Appeal Decision on US Extradition. BREAKING: the original livestream of this interview with Julian Assange’s former PR representative Richard Hillgrove had mysteriously gone missing from […]


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Report 96 mRNA COVID-19 Shots – ‘Vaccines’ or Gene Therapy Products? – Part 2

When considering a drug for emergency use authorization (EUA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) selects an internal advisory committee to review information and data submitted to the FDA by the pharmaceutical company about its new drug. These influential FDA advisory committees, based on that information and data, make recommendations […]

Report 95 mRNA COVID-19 Shots – ‘Vaccines’ or Gene Therapy Products? – Part 1

To this day — more than three years after Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 drugs received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) —  television, radio, and the Internet still inundate the public with ads, messages, and stories about COVID vaccines. But, are the mRNA COVID-19 shots genuinely vaccines? These products never aligned […]

Report 94 Pfizer Secretly Studied a Heart Damage Marker, Troponin I, in Five- to 15-Year-Olds, Following mRNA COVID Vaccination in 2021.

We warned that there was proof that the Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA COVID vaccine caused heart damage in teens and young adults, as early as May of 2021. As more information surfaces from the court-mandated release of Pfizer clinical trial documents by the FDA, and via FOIA’d emails, the CDC’s cover-up […]

Report 93 Pfizer’s ‘Post-Marketing Surveillance Report’ Reveals That Pfizer Manipulated Data and Wrongly Tabulated Adverse Events, Which Concealed Them.

We evaluated Pfizer’s 38-page “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Events Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162b2) received through 28-Feb-2021,” commonly known as “5.3.6,” starting in September of 2022. Patterns emerged across the System Organ Classes (SOCs). These patterns included Pfizer’s apparent concealment of various cases of adverse events, as well as […]


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