Blockprobe: What is it and why one technologist felt compelled to innovate with it

December 3, 2019 • Shashank Anantharam

In 2018, I closely followed the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which multiple individuals and groups were involved, such as Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group, and a network of wealthy donors. I felt that the connections between these actors coul …

Opinion— “Imagined Slights”

December 3, 2019 • Jeffrey Christian

There is a major, perhaps intractable problem with combating the hatred and ignorance rampant in U.S. society and politics today. Recently I found a way to verbalize it. In early 2009 I found myself spending a good deal of time in close quarters for wo …

Bulletin Board: “Federal Action at Last for Missing and Murdered Native American Women?”

November 25, 2019 • DailyClout

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQdRvVdeROU Press Release: Attorney General William P. Barr Launches National Strategy to Address Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Federal prosecutors and the FBI to enhance investigations into Missing Persons, an …

Opinion—Trump’s New Policy on Israeli Settlements Is Illegal and Self-Serving

November 21, 2019 • Marjorie Cohn

  An Israeli election banner bearing the portraits of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hangs on the facade of a building in Jerusalem, Israel, on September 14, 2019. AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES Thumbing his n …

The Week In Congress: H Res 660 the “Impeachment Resolution” Changes the Rules of Impeachment in a Partisan Way, and Hides Information from the Public

November 14, 2019 • DailyClout

https://youtu.be/rQZVhbujvm8 H Res 660 the “Impeachment Resolution” changes the rules of impeachment in a partisan way, and hides information from the public. It was passed recently and raises major red flags. We are not partisan, but there is no way t …

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