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Opinion: “Biden’s Victory Does Not Guarantee a Progressive Agenda. We Must Fight for It.”

November 25, 2020 • Marjorie Cohn
Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump is monumental. After four years of nonstop cruelty against workers, the poor, people of color, women, LBGTQ folks, immigrants, Muslims, the environment, the climate, and the foreign victims of Trump’s bombs, we can …

Opinion: “The Australian Government Culture of Complacency”

November 25, 2020 • Christian Brown
Australian’s are renown for their “She will be right “, motto in a laid-back approach to life’s challenges and are satisfied in the belief, everything will work out for the best ( …

Opinion: “National Ranked Choice Voting: A Way To Heal Democracy”

November 25, 2020 • Mitch Randall
Americans face perilous times ahead, with still-debated election outcome in a government system that many consider to be dysfunctional. Many people are yearning for a peaceful way to take back democratic control from what can seem like a runaway oligar …

Opinion: “A Note Of Caution On Moderna’s Promising Covid-19 Vaccine News”

November 22, 2020 • Dr. William Haseltine
Early and favorable Covid-19 vaccine trial results announced this morning by Moderna are another sign that we may be moving ever closer to a medical solution to help us control the spread of this pandemic. But, even if the full data from the trial back …

Opinion: “Will Trump’s Attempted Electoral Coup Succeed?”

November 19, 2020 • Marjorie Cohn
Joe Biden has won states worth 306 Electoral College votes, 36 more than the 270 needed to win, and received in excess of 5 million more popular votes than Donald Trump. Yet Trump insists the election was stolen from him and he is the victor. Trump sta …

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