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“Turbo Cancer” After mRNA Injection: Dr. Henry Ealy Reveals What He Thinks Is Causing It

“These are definitive bioweapons,” attests doctor in naturopathic medicine Henry Ealy. “There is a zero percent chance Kevin McKernan’s [research] is wrong on that.” And why are we seeing the emergence of “turbo cancers”? Dr. Ealy believes the answer lies in pseudouridine, a molecule the body makes under stress. “So […]

Dr. Peter McCullough on Counteracting Spike Protein through Vaccine Detoxification with Nattokinase

Dr. Peter McCullough has been a voice of reason in a broken healthcare system, crazed with COVID hysteria. As a global leader in his field, Dr. McCullough – internist and cardiologist – has worked tirelessly to educate us all on the science behind COVID and the vaccines, all while being […]

Renowned Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch Explains Systemic Health Care Corruption, Announces Solution

Renowned Epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey Risch, explains systemic corruption within health care and points toward a solution: a new kind of health care. The Wellness Company is an alternative to Big Pharma-driven corporate medicine that is unapologetically standing up for medical freedom by providing the following and more to patients in […]

Report 62: Acute Kidney Injury and Acute Renal Failure Following Pfizer mRNA COVID Vaccination. 33% of Patients Died. Pfizer Concludes, “No New Safety Issue.”

The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Post-Marketing Group (Team 1) – Joseph Gehrett, MD; Barbara Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt – produced an alarming review of the Renal (Kidney) System Organ Class (SOC) adverse events found in Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event […]

Report 64: Re-Humanizing Data Using “Intramyocardial Inflammation after COVID-19 Vaccination: An Endomyocardial Biopsy-Proven Case Series.”

Introduction A 31-year-old woman participating in athletics suffered a cardiac arrest six hours after her second dose of BNT162b2, Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy “vaccine.” Following successful resuscitation, she was found to have shortness of breath and a weakly beating heart. Her cardiac output, as measured by her left ventricle […]

Dr. Naomi Wolf: My Mind Blown by 1560 Geneva Bible

I was searching for the earliest English translation of the Bible from the Hebrew — because, of course, I am seeking guidance and comfort in a time of chaos and crisis. The Great Bible is the earliest translation. But the 1560 Geneva Bible, which I have been reading, has completely […]

The Top 6 Reasons to Speak Out Against the Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations

The 75th World Health Assembly adopted amendments to 5 articles of the International Health Regulations on May 27, 2022 and practically NO ONE HAS MENTIONED IT FOR NEARLY 10 MONTHS. Originally Published on the Author’s Substack This is NOT about the proposed WHO CA+ (“Pandemic Treaty”). This IS about the […]

Ralph Baric’s Description of the “Perfect Bioweapon” Sounds Awfully Similar to Sars-Cov-2

Those “HIV Inserts” in Sars-CoV-2 are not just random sequences after all. Originally Published on Igor’s Newsletter SUMMARY: The Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 contains genetic fragments of HIV. This post will show that numerous scientific studies created recombinant viruses containing genes from HIV. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that […]

Kevin McKernan Reports on Plasmidgate

Covid-19 Injection vials are full of stuff that’s not supposed to be there, such as DNA Originally Published at Due Diligence and Art Plasmidgate broke out a couple of weeks ago. I provided Pfizer manufacturing documentation that described the limits at which these impurities can be present to Kevin. Those […]

“Insufficient Evidence” – Dr. Pierre Kory On The Complete U-Turn In His Practice of Medicine

Dr. Pierre Kory is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a non-profit organization dedicated to finding treatments for COVID, long-haul COVID, and post-vaccine injuries. In addition, Dr. Kory founded a private practice called The Leading Edge Clinic which focuses on treating […]

How They Convinced Trump to Lock Down

Originally Published at Brownstone Institute An enduring mystery for three years is how Donald Trump came to be the president who shut down American society for what turned out to be a manageable respiratory virus, setting off an unspeakable crisis with waves of destructive fallout that continue to this day. […]

A Letter to DailyClout: “The Warnings Even Included the Perils of Lab Leaks in 2014”

Dear DailyClout,   Thank you for your courage and telling the truth. Many have been warning of a pandemic for years; some recently stressing that SARS-2 was just a warning shot and another opportunity to prepare. The warnings even included the perils of lab leaks in 2014. 1. “There Was […]

A Letter to the Editor: “When the MSM Misleads about January 6th, What Other Disinformation Do They Push?”

To the Editor: Dr. Naomi Wolf, who nobody would term as a right-wing zealot, admitted to being misled about the January 6 Capitol riot (“Dear conservatives, I’m sorry I believed so many media lies”), noting how the man with the face paint and Viking horns hat is revealed in never-seen […]

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HB 9172 To prohibit individuals who are not citizens of the United...

US Congress 117th Congress

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SB 311 Elections: absent voters; electronic return of absent voter ballots by...

Michigan 101st Legislature

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AB 2098 Physicians and surgeons: unprofessional conduct

California 2021-2022 Regular Session

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HB 8828 FDA Ethics Act of 2022

US Congress 117th Congress

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HR 744 Condemning the Government of Iran's state sponsored persecution...

US Congress 117th Congress

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SB 866 Minors: vaccine consent

California 2021-2022 Regular Session

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HB 8926 Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act of 2022

US Congress 117th Congress

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HB 6846 Corruption, Overthrowing Rule of Law, and Ruining Ukraine...

US Congress 117th Congress

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