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“FIVE FREEDOMS” – NEWS FEED: ‘I found a suicide note in a corridor’ Headteacher says schools must never shut again

June 21, 2021 • DailyClout
  READ Abbie Wightwick’s article in Wales Online

“FIVE FREEDOMS – BULLETIN BOARD: Dublin Ireland Rally for Freedom

June 21, 2021 • DailyClout

“FIVE FREEDOMS” – NEWS FEED: A liberal author was just blacklisted for what she said about the coronavirus

June 21, 2021 • DailyClout
  READ how Dr Naomi Wolf has been blacklisted on Unmuzzled News

“FIVE FREEDOMS” CAMPAIGN: Model Bill Instructions and Links

June 19, 2021 • DailyClout
“FIVE FREEDOMS”: Read, Forward To Your Legislator and Sign the Petition for Daily Clout’s Five Model Bills Posted: June 15, 2021 How to use these model bills: 1/ Cut and Paste or Screenshot this model bill to your desktop. 2/ Find your state rep HERE 3 …

OPINION: “Affordable Care Act Survives Right-Wing Attack in Supreme Court”

June 19, 2021 • Marjorie Cohn
  In a long-awaited decision, the Supreme Court rejected a right-wing challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in California v. Texas, preserving health insurance for 21 million people who are predominantly low-income and people of color. The 7- …

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