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Our Story

Our Story

August 20, 2018 • by

Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of individuals who have come together to bring the DailyClout vision to life here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all people with information, facts and opinion from all viewpoints, that when combined with DailyClout’s proprietary platform, enables them to be well-informed and to exercise their rights to directly weigh-in on issues and legislation so that their voices are heard at the local, state or federal level.


Dear DailyClout Community:

We have important accomplishments to share with you: our lawyer George Smith filed a 170-page lawsuit against Pfizer and the Ad Council, as well as against various agencies of the United States Government – including NIH, NIAID, CDC, and the White House – for their ‘Deceptive Practices’ related to the mRNA injection rollout and mandates, that have harmed ten named Ohio plaintiffs. The U.S. Government, one of our opponents, has sought to dismiss the lawsuit.

These ten Ohio plaintiffs are ordinary Americans from all walks of life who suffered devastating harm and losses due to lies from these entities related to the mRNA injections, inflicted on our nation via fraudulent assurances.

Friends, few lawyers, and few organizations dare take on these powerful government agencies and legally confront this incredibly rich and evil private company. But we have done so. We are proud to defend the rights of these victims. If our lawsuit succeeds it opens the door for restitution and hope for millions of others who have suffered losses, loved ones, health, jobs, and even homes due to fraud-based mandates.

But we urgently need your help. Our lawsuit is very costly — and so is the task we take on daily of bringing you real, accountable journalism, daring opinion pieces, and BillCam, which lets you affect state and Federal legislation from your laptop or phone. All my colleagues on the small brave team work hard, at great personal sacrifice, and we also have steep hosting, DevOps, production, and other fixed costs.

DailyClout and its goals survive and prevail based ONLY on your support.

Please send us the most generous donation you can afford today – so that we can continue to fight effectively for freedom and for justice, and keep reporting lifesaving news to you.

Thank you sincerely.

Dr. Naomi Wolf
CEO of DailyClout


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