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April 16, 2018

Gun Laws and Gun Loopholes: Can Furious Opponents Actually Agree?

We are living in a time where it’s harder to buy Sudafed for cold season than it is to buy a gun in Florida. There have been 15,122 incidences of gun violence in America this year alone, according to Of the people who were injured or killed during these …

April 16, 2018

SB-320: Should Public Universities Offer Abortions Via the Pill? Feminists for Life Say “No”

Pregnant Students Deserve Resources and Support, Not a Bitter Pill Across the U.S., student parents, especially single mothers, are struggling to graduate college to lift themselves out of poverty while California legislators are considering a bill to require public university health centers to offer abortion by medication. Abortion is a …

April 16, 2018

America 101: A Brief War Powers Refresher

It’s the mission of DailyClout to help everyone everywhere demystify, understand, and then take charge of democracy. That’s a nonpartisan mission. In term of America, regarding the recent strike on Syria, we are reminding everyone in this little refresher, what our Founders decided, when it came to our making war. …

April 14, 2018

Trump’s Rush to Judgment on Syrian Chemical Attack: Illegal and Deadly

Via Truthout Donald Trump says the United States is about to bomb Syria, and Russia has vowed to shoot down US aircraft with missile defenses in response. With John Bolton, the new national security adviser and infamous enemy of the United Nations by Trump’s side, diplomacy is not in the …

April 12, 2018

What’s scary about TPP?

Trade Deals: What’s the plan? US stock markets have suffered significant declines in recent weeks as rising trade tensions and worries about tariffs consume multiple industries. And that is just the domestic response. Abroad, President Trump’s new trade policies are being referred to as a “trade war.” They have leaders …

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