Our Team


Naomi Wolf

Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford. She is cofounder and CEO of DailyClout.io, a successful civic tech company. Since the publication of her landmark international bestseller, The Beauty Myth, which The New York Times called “one of the most important books of the 20th century," Dr Wolf’s other seven bestsellers have been translated worldwide. The End of America and Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, predicted the current crisis in authoritarianism and presented effective tools for citizens to promote civic engagement. Dr Wolf trains thought leaders of tomorrow, teaching public presentation to Rhodes Scholars and co-leading a Stony Brook University that gave professors skills to become public intellectuals. She was a Rhodes scholar herself, and was an advisor to the Clinton re-election campaign and to Vice President Al Gore. Dr Wolf has written for every major news outlet in the US and many globally; she had four opinion columns, including in The Guardian and the Sunday Times of London. She lives with her husband, private detective Brian O’Shea, in the Hudson Valley.

Amy Kelly

Chief Operations Officer
Amy Kelly is the Program Director for the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. She oversees the approximately 3,250 volunteers who are reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on the court-ordered, FDA-released Pfizer documents, as well as overseeing the approximately 350 volunteer attorneys who are identifying legal actions to be taken based on findings from the Pfizer documents. Additionally, she does research and provides answers to the public's questions about adverse events found in the documents. Ms. Kelly has over 20 years of experience as a Project Manager. Additionally, she is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, certified in change management methodology, and has experience as a Business Analyst, Product Manager, and Strategist. Prior to working at DailyClout, she worked primarily in the telecommunications, transportation, and medical devices industries. Outside of work, she volunteers for education-related causes and in county political organizations. Ms. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating summa cum laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, from a liberal arts college in the Southeast.

Ellen Kinnally

Public Relations
Ellen has been working in media since before man walked on the moon. She started her career in modeling at age 4 in NYC in the mid-1960s. Almost weekly, Ellen met fascinating illustrious figures in the fashion, art, music scene, and literary world. On a photo shoot in 1965, Ellen met famed author and journalist George Plimpton. Later that evening, as she overheard her parents talking about Plimpton, Ellen asked her beloved father, "How can a writer do so many different things like box and play football?" Upon hearing about Plimpton's unique brand of "participatory journalism," Ellen decided that, like Plimpton, she too would be "a collector of experiences." Ellen's "experiences" include being Marc Jacob's muse, fashion model, fashion editor, makeup artist, beauty editor, fashion stylist, tiger trainer's assistant, elephant groomer, activist, organic gardener, private chef, political consultant, news analyst, media liaison, and, eventually, public relations agent. With her admiration of strong literary voices and a penchant for social-minded activism, it's not surprising that she finds herself working at DailyClout with the intrepid, multifaceted, renowned journalist, former political consultant, and best-selling author Dr. Naomi Wolf. When not trying to save the world, Ellen enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter Sophia and puppy Stella, swimming in the ocean, gardening, traveling abroad, cooking, laughing, and dancing.

Kate Melgoza

Sr. Creative Director
Kate Melgoza holds a bachelor’s degree in English Writing Studies with a concentration in Philosophy. DailyClout's willingness to truly give individuals on both sides of the political spectrum a space in which to speak was an incredibly refreshing quality that drew Kate in to joining the team. Prior to joining DailyClout, she worked as a writing consultant and university magazine editor as well as an associate in the ecommerce industry. Outside of work, she is an adrenaline junkie with a passion for travel, food, history, art, and graphic design.

Etana Hecht

Associate Editor
Etana Hecht is an independent American-Israeli investigative journalist. She launched a Substack and quickly attracted thousands of subscribers. Mrs. Hecht co-founded and managed multiple technologies and digital marketing companies, including telemarketing companies, companies that launched promotional videos, and SEO, PPC, and LinkedIn marketing companies. She co-founded, launched, and managed OrderApp, Israel’s first English language online ordering restaurant app, which was live in five of Israel’s biggest cities by 2020. Mrs. Hecht lives in Israel with her husband and three children.

Legal Advisory

Deana Pollard Sacks

Legal Advisor
Deana is originally from Gig Harbor, Washington and received law degrees from the University of Southern California and U.C. Berkeley. She is licensed to practice law in the United States Supreme Court, California, and Washington. As a law professor, her scholarship has centered on civil rights, children’s health and development, implicit bias, and regulation of dangerous speech. She has authored numerous law review articles and was a contributing author in the groundbreaking book, Implicit Racial Bias Across the Law (Cambridge University Press, 2012). In 2014, she started a grassroots talk show, Meet The Professors (www.meettheprofessors.org), to provide free public access to professors’ expertise concerning pressing social issues in a conversational and upbeat format. She joined the DailyClout team in 2021 as a legal advisor and drafter of model legislation.