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September 29, 2020

Step Ten: Updating the “Ten Steps to Fascism”: Authoritarianism in a Pandemic [Essay One]

Dr Naomi Wolf   Essay One:   Step Ten: Updating the “Ten Steps to Fascism”: Authoritarianism in a Pandemic. Is the all-too-real COVID crisis being exploited in certain ways as cover for those who wish to erode democracies worldwide, and to grab other kinds of power – such as …

September 29, 2020

From a Justice for Gender Equality to a “Justice” for Gender Oppression

Truthout Amy Coney Barrett and Ruth Bader Ginsburg could not be more different when it comes to their respective notions of justice. Ginsburg, a pioneer in the protection of gender equality, spent her entire career, including 27 years on the Supreme Court, fighting for the rights of women, immigrants, people of …

September 29, 2020

Op Ed: Joe Sackman: Experience, Ability, and Heart

Joe Sackman has the extensive experience, demonstrated ability, and compassionate heart to serve Nassau County in the District 15 New York State Assembly. It is indeed rare to find a person with such a compendium of knowledge, public service experience, and vitality necessary to take on the challenging issues facing …

September 28, 2020

Coalition demands Congress support legislation to abolish forced labor programs in China

A large coalition of religious leaders, scholars and human rights advocates urge Congress to ensure American dollars are not funding oppression in China. A coalition of 150 organizations, religious leaders, scholars and human rights advocates who are participants in the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable   ( Washington, DC, sent a signed multi-faith …

September 27, 2020

New Report: Wisconsin “Movers” Voter Purge List Errors — 39,722 Face Loss of Vote for Moving Despite not Having Moved

Greg Palast and his Palast Investigative Fund team retained five consulting firms expert in the field of Advanced Address List Hygiene to analyze the Wisconsin purge list. They found 39,722 Wisconsin voters who supposedly moved from their registration addresses, who, in fact, had not moved, a minimum 25.8% error rate. …

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