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vaccine record

February 6, 2022

Letter to DailyClout: Dangerous Illinois Bills Proposed: Vaccine Registry and Forcible Quarantine!

Dear DailyClout, I am not a political activist in any way. However, as a mother, a daughter, and a physician assistant for 33 years, I speak from kindness and wisdom. I have also had the honor to educate and treat many outpatients with Covid as well. HB4244 was introduced to …


February 6, 2022

The Supreme Court’s 2022 Vaccine Mandate Decisions

The United States Supreme Court handed down two opinions concerning federal vaccine mandates on January 13, 2022.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate that would have subjected 84 million Americans to unwanted COVID-19 vaccination simply because they were employed in companies with 100 or more employees was …

pony rides in Griffith Park

February 4, 2022

Emergency Call-in for Griffith Park Ponies

Dear Naomi,  Here is your chance to speak up for the ponies who are suffering so terribly at the pony rides in Griffith Park. We need everyone to call on their behalf tomorrow when Recreation and Parks will be discussing the third-party equine veterinarian findings that, among other things, indicate …

Governor Hochul

February 3, 2022


When Kathy Hochul replaced Governor Andrew Cuomo in August 2022, she was hailed, as the first female governor of New York. New Yorkers hoped for relief from the punishing lockdowns and mandates imposed by Cuomo, who was forced to resign when charged with sexual harassment.  But Governor Hochul has proven to …

Dr. Naomi Wolf's interview on RT America

February 3, 2022

Naomi Wolf on RT America

Dr. Naomi Wolf speaks with RT America’s Steve Malzberg in an interview regarding media censorship. President Biden recently mentioned in a press conference that he wants media outlets to stop “misinformation about COVID 19.” Dr. Wolf explains that, in her view, President Biden is intensifying the “unholy oligarchy” of the …

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