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Thank you so much for joining the DailyClout community.

This is a community of citizens, from all political backgrounds and all walks of life, who care about democracy, and about giving people the power to affect the bills that affect their lives. We care about transparency and accountability from those who lead us.

Our goal is to make democracy responsive to citizens and easy for everyone to use and understand. We also have a new capability of helping citizens launch their own issues campaigns.

Premium & Pro Member Setup

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We as a community have had tremendous success so far — in areas ranging from health care to tax law, from family issues to education. Groups using BillCam, and launching campaigns on our platform, have passed legislation at the local, state, and federal level, boosted little-known candidates, and have run for office themselves.

Five Freedoms

Right now, a group of citizens on DailyClout have launched the Five Freedoms campaign. This set of bills and executive orders will

  1. End mask mandates (Read Model Bill)
  2. Open all public schools (Read Model Bill)
  3. End emergency law (Read Model Bill)
  4. Ban “vaccine passports” (Read Model Bill)
  5. Guarantee free assembly, the right to worship, and the right to engage in commerce. (Read Model Bill)

You may support these laws and executive orders, or you may not, but DailyClout means you have model legislation to share with your representative, and you have a voice.

You can also use BillCam to send a state or Federal bill through social media to mobilize your own networks and your representatives, or the bill’s sponsor.

We will reach out to you for suggestions for YOUR videos, blogs, and alerts to the community and the world on the DailyClout platform for the issues and bills about which you care, and we will also make educational videos and blogs about many of them so you can be heard. Most of our content comes from our readers and followers asking us to cover an issue.

We will also send you regular alerts and videos that we think are important.

If you have donated, we can’t thank you enough. Every single dollar is so appreciated and so important, and it goes to paying the hosting, tech labor, and editorial work that lets us keep giving citizens everywhere a platform, and letting everyone everywhere see and understand the bills. Please do consider continuing to support in this way.

Our BillCam platform allows you to track any legislation of your choice on our site. Simply log in to your account and go to My Account -> My BillCam to choose how often you want to be notified on Bill updates. If you are registered as a Pro member, you can make changes to the 3 Topics you follow and the up to 5 Legislatures you want to track.

Reach out to us at any time at with your own blogs, videos or suggestions for issues.

And thank you for joining the fight to be real patriots — “winter soldiers” — at a time when our nation and our world is faced with a crisis, in regards to essential liberty, unlike any in our lifetimes.


Dr Naomi Wolf and the team at