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Marijuana Mapping: Where is it Legal to Fire Up?

May 31, 2017 • Bhavani Pitti
“Let me be clear,” stated Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly at the end of April, “[Marijuana] is a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs.” Secretary Kelly made it apparent that, as a member of the Trum …

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) Pushes for Museum of Women’s History

May 19, 2017 • Naomi Wolf

May 16, 2017 • George A. Polisner
Democracy and Civic Participation  For a healthy and vibrant democracy to be sustained, people need to be informed, educated, and engaged. The concept of the “Townsquare” or Athenian agora, a meeting place where people of all ages can meet and share po …

GOP Claims Huge AHCA Savings Without Math

May 15, 2017 • Iziah Thompson
If you’ve been following the action in Congress, or have been on Twitter, or have simply turned on the news, you know that commentary about the GOP’s new health care bill is inescapable. Last week, Republicans passed the American Health Care Act of 201 …

School Solitary Confinement: Should Disabled Children be Locked in School Closets?

May 6, 2017 • Mary Hollowell
On July 10, 2010, school solitary confinement, also known as school seclusion, was banned in Georgia by the Department of Education. Parents, writers, and lawyers had been advocating against the practice for years. Old rules for school seclusion stated …

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