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April 9, 2024

“Falsehood Flies, Truth Limps After It”

Note to a demoralized reader In 1710, Jonathan Swift noted in The Examiner: Besides, as the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers; and it often happens, that if a Lie be believ’d only for an Hour, it has done its Work, and there is no …

April 9, 2024

“Fraud Revealed in German Covid Response”

Minutes of Robert Koch Institute crisis meetings reveal undue influence of “external actor” As a conspiracy theorist, I am batting .400. Over the last four years, I have examined many official representations of reality and posited the theory that they are the fraudulent misrepresentations of two or more persons in positions …

April 9, 2024

“Two Weeks to Flatten Became Eight Months to Change the Election”

In 1845, Congress established Election Day as the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The Act sought to establish a uniform time for Americans to cast their ballots for president. Historically, voters needed to provide a valid reason such as illness or military service to qualify for absentee ballots. …

April 8, 2024

“New Report Details Horrifying Cost of Fauci’s Failures”

In the post-pandemic period of Covid, there’s now a concerted effort to comprehend and explain the damage that was caused by our capitulating to the hysterical overreaction and overreach of the ‘experts.’ There’s a long list of policy failures to examine; mask mandates were a disaster that accomplished absolute nothing of …

April 8, 2024

“2020: An Unrivaled Conspiracy, An Unequalled Theft”

Originally published on Substack. We are experiencing a complete moral breakdown in leadership. Why? Because we walked away. And the only person who can stop it, is you. No one else. You have the power. And if you haven’t pitched in and it happens again, you are not allowed to …

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