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September 22, 2021

NEWS FEED: 85,000 Sign Petition Calling on Australian Drug Regulator to Release Vaccine Documentation

Update: This article has been updated to include the latest petition figures. Over 85,000 Australians have signed a petition to the federal Parliament calling for the nation’s drug body, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), to release documentation supporting its decision to approve the use of COVID-19 vaccines. The petition, “Immediately …

September 22, 2021

NEWS FEED: [STUDY] COVID-19 Hospitalization Numbers Might Be Significantly Inflated

A recent study shows that COVID-19 hospitalization numbers in the United States could be highly exaggerated, as almost half of hospitalized patients only displayed “mild” symptoms, suggesting that they were likely admitted due to reasons unrelated to COVID-19. The study (pdf), conducted by Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, and …

September 22, 2021

CITIZENS’ CORNER: [First Hand Account] Covid Pass in Lithuania and throughout Europe: How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life

18-Sep-21 [Time to read: 16 min] I want to share the situation which my family and I are now facing because of Covid Pass restrictions. We live in the small European country of Lithuania. In the last few months, strict Covid Pass restrictions have been introduced which represent a fundamental …

September 22, 2021

CITIZENS’ CORNER: [OPINION]-Justice Department Fights Back Against Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Truthout The Supreme Court’s greenlighting of the most draconian anti-abortion law in the country has had the right wing’s “desired effect of deterring abortion providers from offering virtually any abortions” in Texas since September 1, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). S.B. 8 prohibits abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, before …

September 21, 2021

“FIVE FREEDOM’S”: Virginia Department of Health Announces Launch of QR Codes to Verify COVID-19 Vaccination Status – QR codes are secure and private for users, easy for businesses

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