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March 29, 2021

Opinion: “The CCP Honing Naval Arm for Power Projection Beyond Home Seas”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is quietly but steadily modernising its PLA Navy for its political goal of expanding its influence in the far seas in Asia and Africa through penetrative power projection operations, according to a report compiled to help the American Defense establishment to better understand the balance …

March 27, 2021

Opinion: “Is LinkedIn Cowering For China?”

It’s no secret that the biggest and the most highly successful employment and business directed online service platform LinkedIn is ready to do China’s bidding when it comes to exploiting the country’s growing professional economy. LinkedIn has always matched China’s playing field. This is the reason why it is one …

March 18, 2021

Opinion: “Meghan Mansell, Florida-based ADA, OSHA and PPE Specialist, Warns That Masks Seriously Harm Children’s Linguistic Development”

Meghan Mansell, Florida-based ADA, OSHA and PPE specialist, warns that masks seriously harm children’s linguistic development, as children learn to make words and sounds by observing the mouth, teeth and tongue. Mansell cautions that kids will need months of speech therapy as a result of policies masking children in schools. …

March 18, 2021

Opinion: “Could a Group of Square Dancers Save The World?”

My wife and I belong to a medium sized square-dancing club in Southern California with about 150 members. In fact, we serve as the presidents of this square-dancing club. Square dancing is still enjoyed all over the country, and in Southern California, most square-dancing clubs rent hall space in City-run …

March 17, 2021

Opinion: “No Takers For China’s COVID-19 Vaccines in Cambodia and Vietnam”

China, the architect of the COVID-19 misery, is trying hard to project its COVID-19 vaccines as face-saver amidst worldwide condemnation of the country as the originator of the coronavirus. China’s two major vaccines are Sinopharm with 72.5% efficacy and Sinovac that is 50.6% effective, the latter having one of the …

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