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June 20, 2024

“Blocking the Globalist Agenda”

Melissa Blasek defines the Overton Window, how to work inside and outside of it, and how to stretch it to achieve objectives. Dr. Kat Lindley, President and co-founder of the Global Health Project, joins Blasek to discuss the great awakening of doctors during COVID, free-market healthcare solutions, how to fight …

June 19, 2024

“Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell”

A guide to the very bottom… Few works of Western literature can compete with Dante’s Divine Comedy. It’s a fascinatingly engaging read, despite being written over 700 years ago and containing many complex references to history and myth. For those who want to master the cultural heritage of the West, it’s …

June 19, 2024

“Is a New Tech Company Able to Free us from Digital Slavery?”

Andrew Riddaugh, a former President Trump campaign and White House Advance Lead, has launched a company called LiberationTek, that seeks to release us from the thrall of Big Tech’s surveillance, censorship, debanking, and data harvesting. Riddaugh has cloud hosting services — competing with Amazon’s — and this is really important …

June 18, 2024

1560 Geneva Bible: Exodus 24-26

In these two incredibly important chapters, YHWH spells out how He wishes to live among/amidst/within the Children of Israel — by using the physical setting of the Ark of the Covenant. He gives instructions for how to build the “Mishkan”, the site of holy presence. In the Hebrew, YHWH is …

June 18, 2024

PAPERBACK RELEASE – Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human

The Bodies of Others The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human By Naomi Wolf The Bodies of Others is about how we came to the harrowing civilizational crossroads at which we find ourselves – engaged in a war against vast impersonal forces with limitless power over our …

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