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Courageous Journalism

  • Our team was the first to deconstruct vaccine hesitancy within minority communities, connecting the dots of historical abuse, and medical experimentation without informed consent, framing vaccine passports as “systemic racism”, rather than an access issue. This effort killed the Oregon mandate bill SB254, and has led to pushback efforts, bringing together BLM, the ALCU, the NCLA, and Unions, reframing the issue as bipartisan. 
  • Our Team was also first to connect the dots between hospital capacity limits due to staffing shortages, as a direct result of the vaccine mandate and not due to the media driven narrative of the “unvaccinated”. 
  • Truth sells, and people want more of it! Our team is primed to uncover and report it, as a global information, we receive internal documents and whistleblower content on every issue across the board.

Campaign & Messaging Strategy

You have the passion and the idea but, how do you identify and connect with the right audience and compel them to action?  The DailyClout team has decades of experience in the political arena helping non-profits, candidates and brands do exactly that.  Strategic planning, messaging strategy, copy writing and editing.

Handcrafted Press Releases

Written by our experienced team of journalists and media relations professionals.

Handcrafted Blogs/Articles

Written by our experienced team of journalists and media relations professionals.

Video Production

Edited and polished by DailyClout’s professional video production team. 


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