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CITIZENS’ CORNER: “Elk Grove (California) passes a ‘smart city’ plan; remains oblivious to EMF health effects. Volunteers from anywhere wanted to educate the City Council.”

January 21, 2022 • Mark Graham- Founder and Director Keep Cell Antennas Away
ELK GROVE, CA.-  At the January 12, 2022 meeting the Elk Grove City Council approved a “smart city” plan. At the January 12, 2022 meeting the Elk Grove City Council approved a “smart city” plan. Although I attended the City’s workshop on its smart city …

MEDICAL OPINION: “Israel Vaccinating Babies—Unethical, Unconscionable and Unnecessary”

January 21, 2022 • Dr Paul Elias Alexander
Vacinal antibodies have a higher affinity for antigen, seeking it out to bind with it. Possibly more concerning is that these vaccines are non-sterilizing, meaning they cannot neutralize the virus. Understanding these two concepts, in this context,illu …

NEWS FEED: England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

January 20, 2022 • Lily Zhou for The Epoch Times
Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday. Johnson also suggested that self-isolation rules may also be thrown out at the end of …

CITIZENS’ CORNER: Letter From The Audience- VAERS Analysis

January 20, 2022 • Contact Submission Form
Hi! Are you guys aware of the work Jessica Rose is doing analyzing the VAERS data? Dr. Jessica Rose is a Canadian researcher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. S …

Big Fights Ahead in 2022

January 19, 2022 • Craig Klein
big fights 2022
Dear DailyClout Community, I want to take a moment to congratulate you on an extraordinary past six months as activists/leaders in this DailyClout community, and I want to show you what we achieved together in 2021, as well as alert you to the big figh …

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