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Congressional Candidate Jonathan Dozier on a New Bill to Strip Benefits from Disabled Veterans

April 14, 2017 • Naomi Wolf Congressional candidate — Republican from Fayetteville, NC — Jonathan Dozier, explains the bill up this week that strips disabled Vets of medical coverage for conditions not directly caused by battle. This bill is, in his …

Want to Be President? Show Tax Returns

April 13, 2017 • Rafaella Gunz
On April 15th, Tax Day, activists from forty-eight states around the country are planning to host marches in protest of President Donald Trump’s decision to not release his tax returns to the public. While Trump is not legally required to make this inf …

Legendary Producer of Schoolhouse Rock Visits DailyClout

April 7, 2017 • Naomi Wolf
We were thrilled to welcome George Newall recently, to a lunch in his honor at Civic Hall. He was joined by his lovely wife Lisa Maxwell, a jazz singer and former advertising creative director who now is acting treasurer of Schoolhouse Rock. George New …

Should a Man Have to Swear on a Bible to Get Viagra?

April 6, 2017 • Rafaella Gunz
Earlier this year, the Governor of Arkansas signed into law a bill that allows potential baby-daddies to veto abortions that are being sought by women who are pregnant with those men’s potential children. Notably, only eighteen per cent of the State of …

EXCLUSIVE: DailyClout Interviews Rep. French Hill (R-AR) on His Bill, the Shift Back to Society Act of 2017

April 5, 2017 • Haley Snyder

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