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Opinion: “Trump’s Frivolous First Amendment Defense Won’t Shield Him in a Criminal Case”

February 19, 2021 • Marjorie Cohn
Truthout At his impeachment trial for inciting insurrection, Donald Trump’s lawyers claimed that Trump’s exhortations to his followers before the …

Opinion: “Citizen Power Initiatives for China Calls for Signatures on Petition Demanding Full Transparency Regarding WHO’s Recent Trip to China to Investigate Origins of COVID-19”

February 19, 2021 • Dr. Yang Jianli
February 18, 2021 Washington, DC   Today, Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIFC) launched a worldwide petition on The petition, addressed to Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Chairman of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) …

Opinion: “The Lasting Trauma of School Closures on a Generation of Children”

February 19, 2021 • Jennifer Sey
I find myself stunned and enraged every day since March 13 that my kids, San Francisco public school students, and approximately 50% of students across the country have no in person instruction at all for what amounts to almost a full year. They are go …

Opinion: “Crackdown On Religious Minorities, In China, Across Party Lines, Xi Jinping Exerts More Pressure”

February 16, 2021 • Dr. Yang Jianli
Reinforcing the belief that China has no religion as a state, and atheism is the way forward, Jinping’s government has strongly objected to party officials found practicing ‘feng shui’, a traditional practice that finds its origin from ancient China, t …

Opinion: “Moms For Liberty”

February 15, 2021 • Tiffany Justice & Tina Descovich
Parental rights group, Moms for Liberty is a fast-growing organization that has launched 5 chapters since forming in January and is currently fielding chapter requests in over 15 states. Founded by former school board members, Tiffany Justice and Tina …

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