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Bushfire and Fury: Calls for the Sending of Additional US Firefighting Resources to Australia Cited International Arrangement

March 4, 2020 • Madeline Cameron Wardleworth
This blog post was originally published by the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School. To Australian eyes, the deplaning of US firefighters in Sydney in January 2020 felt like watching the Avengers arrive at a battle scene.  Our battl …

The Summer of 2019/2020, Australian Koalas Are Caught between a Firestorm and Political Expediency

February 29, 2020 • Saul Deane
In August 2019 the world woke to images of blackened bush, injured wildlife and uncontrolled infernos as Australia’s East Coast was consumed by unprecedented bushfires. Around Sydney and the state of New South Wales, 12 million acres of sensitive fores …

Opinion—If Venezuelan Embassy Protectors Are Retried, Jury Should Hear About US Crimes

February 27, 2020 • Marjorie Cohn

This Week In Congress: News for ERA! Republicans Scold Trump on War Powers. Investment Takeaway: Renewable Packaging. More!

February 26, 2020 • DailyClout

Desperate to Help Desperate Koalas? The Government Won’t. Here’s What Will.

February 25, 2020 • Sue Arnold
Most everyone worldwide knows that koalas and other wildlife have been injured, orphaned and starved in the recent Australian bushfires. But what can be done to help them now? Most Australians, and others, who care about wildlife, have no firsthand exp …

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