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July 18, 2024

“Former Navy SEAL and Assassination Expert Reveals Trump Insights w/ Don Mann”

Former Navy SEAL and author of over 20 books, Don Mann, joins the program to discuss his insights into the Trump assassination attempt and other issues. Mann has been an expert consultant for many countries on how to avoid assassinations which he discusses in his latest book, History’s Assassins: Motives …

July 18, 2024

“There is No Unity, Only Victory”

Drew Allen argues that Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle cannot be trusted after “lying” about the security failures that led to former President Trump’s attempted assassination. She must resign. Allen points out how many Democrats refuse to take any responsibility for the assassination attempt. Instead, they play the victim. Also, …

July 18, 2024

“‘America’s Last Stand’: Why 2024 REALLY IS The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime”

Kate Hildreth is joined by NEW DailyClout Commentator, also known as ‘The Millennial Minister of Truth’, Drew Allen! Allen explains the synopsis of his book, ‘America’s Last Stand’, in the context of the assassination attempt on President Trump over the weekend. What has changed and what hasn’t? Allen shares his …

July 18, 2024

“Security Expert Brian O’Shea Analyzes Ten Huge Security Fails At Trump PA Event”

Security and intel expert Brian O’Shea (and, disclosure, Dr. Wolf’s husband) walks the audience through TEN catastrophic ‘fails’ in standard security practice. Joining with other voices familiar with special operations and close protection, he too calls out omissions in basic security ranging from the SS staff being so short that …

July 18, 2024

“Former President Trump and The RNC SHAMEFULLY Abandon COVID Lockdowns, Atrocities and Vaccine Injuries As An Issue”

From Shannon Joy: “Full disclosure, I am not watching the Republican National Convention but I’m keeping an eye on it via Twitter and it is something special, to say the least. Think LGBTQ-friendly meets gangster rap meets the Slutwalk girl …. it’s definitely something. It’s also VERY clear that moving …

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