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July 3, 2024

“How To Break Through Establishment-Controlled Legislatures”

Melissa Blasek explains what makes some legislative bodies beholden to special interests instead of liberty. Later she is joined by Rep. Emily Phillips, who is running for NH state Senate against the establishment, and former NH state representative Tim Baxter. Together they identify the problems and solutions to overcoming the …

July 3, 2024

1560 Geneva Bible: Exodus 30 Please Support Our Sponsors The Wellness Company – Use code DAILYCLOUT for 10% off! NativePath: Collagen supplements help you replace what you stop producing — and the studies speak for themselves. Visit for a MASSIVE 45% discount plus free shipping! Kirk Elliott Precious Metals: Take control of your …

July 3, 2024

1560 Geneva Bible: Exodus 29 – “Is The Role of The Priest Altered Later?”

In Exodus 29, YHWH explains to Moshe how He wishes Aaron the priest, and his sons, to serve as priests in the ‘Mishkan’ or Holy Presence. In the Hebrew and the Geneva Bible, the priest must always engage in ‘consecration’ or ‘sanctification’ of himself, his body and clothing, because he …

July 2, 2024

Investor George Jarkesy: “Massive SCOTUS Win”

George Jarkesy is an entrepreneur and investor, who was accused of fraud in 2011 by the SEC. Without an investigation even having concluded, the SEC’s action against him led to a press release destroying his reputation and led to his being “debanked”, in essence, by Chase, by the bank that …

July 2, 2024

“The Herbal Microbiologist is Back with Cloves”

Plamena Dimitrov is a microbiologist and a member of the Pfizer Document research team. She grew up in Bulgaria, where she observed her grandmother, and others, effectively using traditional and herbal remedies that had been passed down for generations. So now she is also a tea-maker, with a company called …

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