Building Tools for Tomorrow’s Shareable and Social Democracy

September 18, 2023

To The Editor: A Great Index of Global Newspapers

Dear DailyClout, Thank you so much for sharing a l …

September 18, 2023

Are We Paying for the Sins of our Ancestors: Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance?

OVERVIEW AND BACKGROUND There is a growing body of …

September 18, 2023

What is ‘Mass Formation’? The Psychology of Totalitarianism with Dr. Mattias Desmet

Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews Dr. Mattias Desmet to di …

Embroidery of Report 1

September 15, 2023

Artist Rebecca Soudant Creates Stunning Embroidery for Pfizer Book’s Report 1, “Where Are Pfizer’s 20,000 Missing Patients?”

Rebecca Soudant is a Canadian artist and a Visual …

September 15, 2023

Part 2: The Alarming LNP (Lipid Nanoparticles) History You Haven’t Been Shown – the LNP Developers’ Own Studies Dating Back 20 Years

Part 1 is available here. This post includes the T …

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