Marjorie Cohn: Trump Moves the World Closer to “Doomsday”

February 17, 2019 • Marjorie Cohn

In 1987, the United States and the Soviet Union adopted the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) in an effort to eliminate missiles on hair-trigger alert for nuclear war due to their short flight times. It was the first time the two countries …

Is Beauty Political?

February 13, 2019 • Tamara Pearson

Children battling unhealthy body images need a different narrative about beauty Social media companies are putting profits before children, policy makers in the UK are arguing. Last week, Jackie Doyle-Price, the minister for mental health and suicide p …

Elk Grove CA Activists Prove Home Prices Drop Near 5G Antennae: See How They Fought Off 5G

February 12, 2019 • Mark Graham

House values and cell antennas One reason you would not want a Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antenna (CPMRA) in front of or near your home is that it will lower the value of your home.  This is one of the reasons cities and towns should limit and …

Support the East Valley Women’s League

February 12, 2019 • DailyClout

H.R. 109—The “Real #Greennewdeal”—60% Green, 40% Handouts

February 11, 2019 • Naomi Wolf

https://youtu.be/bgLLSI6srcA This version of the #Greennewdeal is almost as shocking as the one we read last week that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez disavowed. This one is 60 percent green and forty percent giant non-transparent blank checks to unions, “vulnerabl …

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