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Opinion—Trump’s New Policy on Israeli Settlements Is Illegal and Self-Serving

November 21, 2019 • Marjorie Cohn
  An Israeli election banner bearing the portraits of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hangs on the facade of a building in Jerusalem, Israel, on September 14, 2019. AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES Thumbing his n …

The Week In Congress: H Res 660 the “Impeachment Resolution” Changes the Rules of Impeachment in a Partisan Way, and Hides Information from the Public

November 14, 2019 • DailyClout H Res 660 the “Impeachment Resolution” changes the rules of impeachment in a partisan way, and hides information from the public. It was passed recently and raises major red flags. We are not partisan, but there is no way t …

The Week In Congress: Is Gov’t Getting in Bed with Facebook?

November 2, 2019 • DailyClout
A number of small business bills, a law against videos about crushing animals (for real)—but also, alarmingly, a bill to get foreign influence out of social media ads (yay) but one that sneaks also in new ways for government to manage speech online and …

Opinion—Convicted Anti-Nuclear Activists Speak Out: “Pentagon Has Brainwashed People”

October 31, 2019 • Marjorie Cohn
The seven Catholic peace activists who were convicted on October 24 for their symbolic protest against nuclear weapons at the Kings Bay Naval Base are now facing a two-to-three-month wait to hear their prison sentences. They could face more than 20 yea …

Bulletin Board: Hot Babe Brunch

October 28, 2019 • DailyClout

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