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NYC Veterans’ Alliance Trains Vets Nationwide to Run for Elected Offices

May 5, 2017 • Naomi Wolf Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran from NYC Veterans’ Alliance, Capt. Kristen Rouse, trains vets nationwide to run for elected office. Vets, tune in! Donate to NYC Veterans Alliance here. And contact them if you wish traini …

Did Congress Just Give Your Internet Provider Your Private Search History to Sell?

April 29, 2017 • Naomi Wolf

Free College Tuition in New York State! Too Good to be True?

April 19, 2017 • Thomas Blakeley
Do you think college tuition costs too much? So do I! New York State Legislature just passed an amendment to the state’s Executive Budget, “New York’s Tuition-Free College Degree Program, The Excelsior Scholarship,” that seems to be the answer to thous …

NYC Police Department Offers $150 to Persons Wrongfully Arrested for Free Speech

April 19, 2017 • Naomi Wolf

Legislation You Can’t Miss: Fair Day in Court for Kids Act

April 18, 2017 • dailyclout_226nux
Newsletters from DailyClout solve a huge problem: legislation that deeply affects us all is hard to find and harder to understand. Each week, we read and bullet-point in real human language, what is actually in a bill — State or Federal — that was ne …

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