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“FIVE FREEDOMS” – BULLETIN BOARD: CHD Illinois Chapter Movie Screening on July 28th: SEEING 2020 – The Censored Science of the Covid-19 Pandemic

July 16, 2021 • DailyClout

“FIVE FREEDOMS” – NEWS FEED: France to make COVID jabs mandatory for many, life ‘totally impossible’ without COVID passport

July 16, 2021 • DailyClout
  ‘Vaccination is not yet mandatory for everyone, but we’re going to extend the sanitary pass as much as possible to push as many of you as possible to get vaccinated,’ President Emmanuel Macron said, while also explicitly refusing to rule out com …

“FIVE FREEDOMS” – NEWS FEED: Ohio Governor Signs Bill Banning Schools From Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines

July 15, 2021 • DailyClout
  READ Jack Phillip’s article in The Epoch Times

“FIVE FREEDOMS” – CITIZENS’ CORNER: The pure lies and absurdity told by the US Task Force (s) and governments with their medical advisors that have doomed and hobbled the COVID pandemic response

July 14, 2021 • DailyClout
  READ Dr. Paul Alexander’s piece in TrialSite News

“FIVE FREEDOMS” – NEWS FEED: Health Freedom Defense Fund Sues Biden Administration Over Mask Mandate

July 14, 2021 • DailyClout
    Today the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) and two Florida residents filed a lawsuit asking the United States District Court in Tampa, Florida to strike down the CDC’s nationwide mask mandate for travel. “The CDC is not a nationwide pol …

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