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Daily Clout Exclusive: Renowned Scientist Dr. Haseltine, HIV Treatment Pioneer, On “How We Made Europe’s Avoidable Second Wave Unavoidable”

October 21, 2020 • Dr. William Haseltine
Early in 2020, Europe taught the rest of the world valuable lessons about what happens if you do not react quickly to the spread of Covid-19. Now, the continent is showing us what happens if you claim victory too early. Many European countries are toda …

“Barrett Is Poised to Become the Most Radical Right-Wing Member of Supreme Court”

October 19, 2020 • Marjorie Cohn
Truthout During her Supreme Court confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Amy Coney Barrett refused to say that voter intimidation is illegal, that armed poll watchers are …

“Contract with LUMA Energy Sets up Full Privatization Higher Rates”

October 19, 2020 • Tom Sanzillo
October 12, 2020 (IEEFA) ‒ A major contract signed with the LUMA Energy consortium may prevent Puerto Rico from building a safe, reliable and resilient electrical system, according to a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial A …

Is President Trump Going To Bring Affordable Health Care To Americans In A Potential Second Term?

October 17, 2020 • SPONSORED CONTENT
SPONSORED CONTENT “Health care has emerged as a major pivot point for American voters who are deciding right now to, or planning how to, cast their ballots. At a time of medical pandemic, people’s access to reliable affordable health care is at the for …

“The New Stimulus Bill Won’t Deliver — Not In The Long Term”

October 15, 2020 • Charlotte Walker
At the time of this writing, the on and off, then on again negotiations for a bi-partisan compromise on a bill to extend stimulus to our flagging economy are still in process. And, after the latest remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, on …

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