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Opinion: “Meghan Mansell, Florida-based ADA, OSHA and PPE Specialist, Warns That Masks Seriously Harm Children’s Linguistic Development”

March 18, 2021 • Dr Naomi Wolf
Meghan Mansell, Florida-based ADA, OSHA and PPE specialist, warns that masks seriously harm children’s linguistic development, as children learn to make words and sounds by observing the mouth, teeth and tongue. Mansell cautions that kids will need mon …

Opinion: “Could a Group of Square Dancers Save The World?”

March 18, 2021 • Barry Kessler
My wife and I belong to a medium sized square-dancing club in Southern California with about 150 members. In fact, we serve as the presidents of this square-dancing club. Square dancing is still enjoyed all over the country, and in Southern California, …

Opinion: “No Takers For China’s COVID-19 Vaccines in Cambodia and Vietnam”

March 17, 2021 • Dr. Yang Jianli
China, the architect of the COVID-19 misery, is trying hard to project its COVID-19 vaccines as face-saver amidst worldwide condemnation of the country as the originator of the coronavirus. China’s two major vaccines are Sinopharm with 72.5% efficacy a …

Opinion: “Chinese Media Goes Overboard to Cover Embarrassment on Its LAC Assertiveness”

March 12, 2021 • Dr. Yang Jianli
The Galwan Valley clash between India and China gave a rise to new issues between the two nations. As China violated the border rules and entered far into the Indian Territory, the latter had to give a befitting retort to the aggressors. Although both …

Opinion: “Vastly Expensive Dem-Driven “Rescue Act” Showcases Vaccines, Tax Credits, Child Poverty”

March 11, 2021 • Charlotte Walker
March 10, 2021 As I completed my read of The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, with its price tag of $1.9 trillion, I was filled with mixed emotions. As a fiscal conservative, I winced at the cost. When this bill passes, Congress will have authorized a …

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