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How Overconsumption of Our Planet’s Finite Resources Worsens Pandemics

April 16, 2020 • DailyClout
By Dennis Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth:The 30-Year Update. It has been adapted for the web Forty-eight years ago I led an 18-month study at MIT on the causes and consequences of growth in population and material production on the planet earth …

Hate Gun Violence, Live in CT? Calls to Action from CT Against Gun Violence to Pass “Red Flag” Gun Laws in Your State

April 16, 2020 • DailyClout
Call to Action Subscribe to CAGV emails at Inquiries to GD 4.8.20 rev2 How you can support Extreme Risk Protection Orders to prevent gun death by suicide and homicide Extreme Risk Protection Orders (EROP) offer a legal me …

Is Hollywood Attacking the Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment?

April 16, 2020 • DailyClout
Is Hollywood Attacking the Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment? by Kamala Lopez   On January 27th of 2020 the Equal Rights Amendment that would guarantee equal justice under law and ban discrimination on the basis of sex became part of the U.S. C …

Why Did The CARES Act Tie Up Help For Desperate Small Businesses?

April 16, 2020 • Charlotte J. Walker
The $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), which was signed into law on Friday, March 27th, was unveiled with great fanfare by the Trump Administration. Through bi-partisan debate in both the Senate and the House, …

Bulletin Board—Instead of Stay Safe, It’s Stay Pregnant

April 6, 2020 • DailyClout

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