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Did New Mexico Just Fix the National Nursing Shortage by a Model Bipartisan Bill?

February 9, 2018 • Anjali Pitti
Senate Bill 1 Nurse Licensure Compact Sponsor: Gay G. Kernan (R-NM) Everyone who follows the issue knows that there is a dire shortage of nurses, especially in rural areas in America — such areas as New Mexico. When a hospital doesn’t have enough nurs …

Kennedy to Respond to Trump’s First SOTU

January 30, 2018 • Iziah Thompson
Tonight at 7 PM, President Trump will be giving his first State of the Union Address (SOTU). Let’s get into a little background on the SOTU and what this major speech is all about. The State of the Union is vaguely Constitutionally mandated. The consti …

Your Representative is in Town – This Week In Congress

January 25, 2018 • Iziah Thompson
Both Democratic and Republican Senators spent all day this past Sunday haggling over a deal to reopen the government. But the shutdown nonetheless went into a third day of deliberation. It was on Monday that both chambers of Congress passed the continu …

FISA is Law…again, and a House Bill Protects “Born Alive” Infants – Last Week In Congress

January 22, 2018 • DailyClout
While, we are sure everyone noticed that the Government shutdown, something happen last week that may have flown “under the radar”. Last week, the Senate followed the House in passing the reauthorization of FISA. On Friday, the president signed the bil …

Marjorie Cohn: Trump’s Nuclear Threat Warrants Removal From Office

January 22, 2018 • Marjorie Cohn
Donald Trump’s veiled threat to use nuclear weapons against North Korea is not only horrifying, but also illegal. It warrants his removal from office. On New Year’s Day, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un asserted, “The entire area of the US mainland is w …

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